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שלדת "סינוופ" 3.5" - מתאימה לO3 או ויסטה רגילה


Axisflying C35 Carbon Fiber Frame

Wheelbase: 152mm
Arm thickness: 3.5mm
Weight: 140.7g
Top plate thickness: 3.5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Carbon material: T700
Bottom to top distance: 27mm
Camera space: 14~20mm
Stack Mounting: 20mm&25.5mm (M2)
VTX Mounting: 20mm&25.5mm (M2)
Prop: Max 3.5inch
Motor mounting: 9 * 9mm&12 * 12mm
Recommended Motors:C204 2300-3500KV
Recommended Battery:1050-1300mah(4~6S)
Recommended Stack:30~40A F722 AIO
Recommended Prop:GF D90-3 / HQ D90-3
Package Included:
Axisflying C35 Carbon Fiber Frame x 1

Axisflying C35 3.5inch Cinewhoop Frame

SKU: Axis-C35-Frame
200.00 ₪Price
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