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Suitable Application

It is compatible with 2.5 to 4 inches Propeller FPV, Size 90mm to 150mm Brushless Drones, DJI FPV, Beta95X, LongRange Drone, Cinelog25, Cinelog30, Protek25, DIY FPV, Explorer LR 4, Cine Whoop, Cinelog, Cinewhoop, Spare RC Parts, Airplane, Racing FPV, Quads, Quadcopter, MultiRoter, Helicopter, Freestyle Drone, Accessories Parts, UAV, Aerial Model, DIY FPV etc.


Detail Sepcifications

Model No.: GNB8504S120AHV

Capacity: 850mAh

Voltage: 15.2V (LiHV)

Cells Configuration: 4S1P

Pack Dimension: 26.5*30*63mm (H*W*L)

Net Weight: 88g (+/-3g)

Discharge Rate: 120C

Charge Rate: 1C to 5C

Discharge Connector: XT30

GAONENG GNB LiHV 4S 15.2V 850mAh 120C XT30

90.00 ₪Price
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