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MAD BSC 2807 1300KV Motor

The BSC series FPV brushless motor is our entry-level model, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. It offers an optimal balance between cost effectiveness and uncompromising quality, making it equally suitable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.


Made for 6" to 7" for use with 6S


Model: MAD BSC2807

Motor size: D33.6 X 35.7mm

Propeller Mounting Holes: M5 Nut

Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Motor Number of slots: 12N14P

Rotor Balance: <=5mg

Motor Balance: D:19 M3x4

Cable length: 250mm 18AWG Black Silicone

MAD BSC 2807 1300kv

SKU: BS086-001
90.00 ₪Price
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