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  • Compatible with both M2 and M3 installation hole sizes.
  • Supports all FPV systems: DJI, HDZero, Walksnail and analog
  • Battery level indication LEDs.
  • 4x UART’s.
  • Onboard 5V 2A and 9V 3A BEC.
  • Onboard barometer for real-time altitude sensing
  • 8MB memory for Blackbox.
  • Onboard Tantalum capacitors for noise filtration.
  • Onboard TVS diode on the ESC for added protection.
  • USB-C connector.
  • SDA/SCL connection available.
  • Power your GPS with a USB cable - no battery needed. No extra heat, no worries.
  • 35A BLHeli_S 4in1 ESC, compatible with Bluejay.


This is the mini version of SpeedyBee's F405 30x30 stack, suited to 2-4inch quads and even lightweight 5-inch drones.


The spec of the FC is impressive for a mini FC at such a great price point.

It uses an upgraded F405 flight controller chip with better performance than the F411. It also has the ICM42688P gyro, 4 available UART ports, onboard 8MB blackbox, built-in barometer, OSD and a 4-level battery voltage display. There's two independent voltage regulators, a 9V 3A output and 5V 2A output, making it compatible with all DJI FPV air units and standard analog FPV.


Like their other flight controllers, this one works with their fantastic SpeedyBee App (iOS App Store/Google Play); allowing you to configure your newly built quad, fine-tune PID's, and configure other parameters without a laptop, simply via your phone or tablet wirelessly.


The FC is compatible with a standard 20x20 mounting pattern, using either M2 or M3 fixings, which are included. Considering the board's small size, the size of the solder pads is generous and well labelled making for an easier installation.

In stack form, it comes with a 4-in-1 ESC that provides four synchronized outputs with a continuous current of 35A and burst of 45A. It suits 3-6S input. It also has a current sensor allowing you to monitor power use. Equipped with a TVS transient suppression diode onboard, it can better absorb the voltage spike when you plug in the battery, or during crashes that block your props. The ESC operates BLHeli_S firmware and via the SpeedyBee App you can even configure the ESC settings wirelessly as well.

    SpeedyBee F405 Mini BLS 35A 20x20 STACK

    260.00 ₪Price
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