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מנועי T-Motor מסדרת Velox בדור V2,

קיימים בגודל 2207 וב1950KV בלבד

מנועים מהירים, מתאימים לסגנון טיסה אגריסיבי או לתחרויות


The velox series is budget and economical series which is better choice for FPV beginners, designed to allow pilots to break through themselves and enjoy the fun of fpv. The V2207 V2 motors come in a new and sleek design and are made with premium components to give your multirotor visibility and speed in the game!
Great for freestyle and racing!

1. Suitable for 5 inch fpv drones
2. Great power
3. Good top speed motor

T-Motor Velox V2 2207 1950KV

SKU: TMotor-Velox-V2
62.50 ₪Price
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