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How we started


Just two FPV pilots who need some spare parts and equipment who don't want to stop flying. So while we noticed many pilots facing the same problems, or especially new pilots who need help and guidance - we dicided to do somthing about it!


Why Racedrones?


Because we are here for you!

Even just for questions, tehcnical assistance or just consultation with different builds.

Where are we

We are located at Moshav Mismeret, near Tel Mond.

You can contact us through whatsapp at +972-55-5564596

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We hold a narrow variaty of items so we can provide you with the best prices possible

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We try to keep in stock anything that will stop you from flying whenever you need it the most:

Antennas, Motors, Stacks (FC/ESC), Frames etc.

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We keep the best batteries we could find (TATTU) so you could enjoy more flight time with better response for max flying experience!

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