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Specially made for O3 air unit

For other systems (Visa / Analog) we recomment the Apex regular model


Included with the Apex EVO is a newly redesigned aluminium camera mount and 3D printed isolation inserts. This keeps the camera firmly locked in place and reduces vibrations, whilst ensuring it is electrically isolated from the frame.

With the many different HD and analog cameras on the market there is a large variation between models in the distance from the front of the lens to the mounting bolts. To give the camera the best possible protection, whilst also keeping the frame out of shot, it is critical to be able to adjust the position of the camera forwards and backwards within the frame.
By rotating the TPU inserts 180 degrees, as well as alternating between using the upper or lower bolt as the pivot point, the EVO camera mount has 4 possible mounting positions each 2mm apart.


Brand Name: SoloGood
Model:  APEX EVO.
Arm Plate Thickness: 5.5MM.
Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm.
Upper Plate Thickness: 2.5mm.
Side plate thickness: 2mm.
Aluminum column height:28 / 20mm.
Weight: 130g/Including 3D printed parts 158g(Different production batches will vary ).
Material: 3K Carbon Fiber.

FC Hole distance:  (front: 30.5X30.5 / 25.5x25.5 / 20X20MM) / (Rear: 30.5X30.5 / 25.5x25.5 / 20X20MM).
Motor Hole distance :16*16/19*19MM.
Suitable propeller: 5inch.
Support camera: 22MM(The installation of 14MM/19MM/20MM cameras can be achieved through 3D printed parts)

Package list:
1 set Frame KIT

Apex Evo Clone by Sologood

SKU: Apex_Evo
175.00 ₪ Regular Price
150.00 ₪Sale Price
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