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RCINPOWER GTS V3 0802 1S Brushless Micro Motor 27000KV

1.0mm Shaft Diameter Mini Motors for Indoor FPV Drones


Best motors replacement for happymodel mobula7
0802 27000kv motor is a great motor for 75mm whoop drones

can be used for mobula (mob6) whoop motor replacement to make it more powerful.


New design: rcinpower 0802 is with double ball bearing, GTS V3 line motors have generally been very efficient, well designed motors. 


The GTS V3 0802 Motor is a powerful new motor by RCINPOWER!

Choose a KV option: 22000KV, 25000KV, 27000KV.



KV: 27,000KV
Input Voltage: 1S Lipo
Configuration: 9N12P
Stator Diameter: 8mm
Stator Height: 2mm
Shaft Diameter: 1mm
Idle Current: 0.25A @ 5V 
Max. Con. Power: 24.1W (3S) 
Internal Resistance: 105mΩ
Max. Current: 6.5A (3S) Max.
Effciency Current: 1-2A ( More than 82%)
Weight: 1.97g 


Package Includes

1 / 4 xGTS V3 0802 Motor

GTS V3 0802 27000KV

SKU: RC-GTS-V3-0802
200.00 ₪Price
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