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ND Filter:
The role of the ND filter is to filter the light and achieve the effect of weakening the light. The main uses are divided into several, one is to shoot very bright objects, such as the sun, astrophotography; The second is to use a large aperture in a well-lit environment, and the third is to use the slow shutter retardation hazy illusory effect.



1. only UV filters can transmit 98.5% of light, CPL/ND filters cannot be expressed in terms of light transmission,

2. the lenses may appear in different colours under the angle of light, the final product will prevail,

3. installation and disassembly may touch the lens and leave fingerprints, use a cleaning cloth to wipe the lens.



Material: Aluminium (frame) + Optical glass

Applicable models: for Gopro 9/10/11

Color: Black

Net weight: 0.22oz.(6.4g).(Single), 0.9oz.(25.8g),(4 Set)

Product size:1.22*1.22*0.19in(3.1*3.1*0.5cm)


Packing list:

1pcs Filters or 1 set



  • Model Number - for GoPro Hero 11 10 9

  • Brand Name - BRDRC

  • Filter Frame material - Aluminium

  • Filter glass materials - Optical Glasses

  • Packaging of products - box

  • Filter Type A - Ultraviolet Filter

  • Filter Type B - Circular-Polarizing Filters

  • Filter Type C - Neutral Density Filter

Cleaning instructions.


If the lenses are contaminated with dust, water droplets or other contaminants, whether or not they have been eliminated, please remember the following instructions for use

1. blow off any dust on the surface of the lenses first.

2. clean them again with a clean brush.

3. wipe gently with the filter cleaning cloth delivered.

4. use a special lens cleaning solution for better results.

5. Keep in the special storage box when not in use

ND32 Filter for Gopro 9/10/11/12

60.00 ₪Price
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