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This ESD-safe TS101 soldering iron with active tip is the successor of the well-known TS100. This is a USB/DC5525 powered soldering iron, which has a maximum power output of no less than 65W!

This allows the TS101 to reach a temperature of 400 °C within 9s.

In addition, the soldering iron is equipped with a very slim handle and an OLED screen. The iron can be powered with 9 - 24 V via the built-in DC5525 connector and 9 - 20 V via USB-C. Both connections allow for flexibility in power selection as the TS101 can be powered via a socket or through a battery.

An anti slip cap is included which also features a quick and easy tip replacement method. The software of the TS101 is open source, so it is easy to make adjustments to it. It is quite easy to create your own temperature curves, or to program a specific response.


Please note:

A DC5525 power adaptor is not included!

A good adapter to power the TS101 via DC5525 can be found here or here.


Fastest heating time ~ 9 sec
Tip system    Active
ESD safe    Yes
Tip to ground resistance    < 2 Ω
Temperature stability    ± 3 %
Automatic standby    Yes, 1 min minimum time
Dimensions    168 x 16.5 mm
Weight 303g

TS101 Portable Soldering Iron

SKU: TS101-Solder
249.00 ₪Price
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