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Introducing the Goggles 2 and Integra Replacement Sponge Foam Padding, a comfortable and highly elastic sponge designed specifically for DJI Goggles 2  users.


Available in two versions, one with open nose area featuring a new and improved open nose area and thicker foam for increased fitment, this foam also ensures that no light leakage occurs. For the ultimate flight experience, the Ultimate Foam is the perfect choice.


Our innovative design includes an increased height of the sponge on both sides, effectively eliminating the problem of side light leakage. The high compressibility of the sponge ensures the optimal distance between the lens and the eyes, resulting in clear images and text. The sponge's increased height at the bottom also provides ample space for the nose, distributing the weight of the goggles evenly across the face instead of the nose.

Additionally, the sponge's ergonomic shape conforms to the principles of artificial engineering, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Experience comfort and optimal functionality with the Goggles 2 sponge.



  • Compatible with DJI Goggles 2 and DJI Integra Goggles.
  • Weight: 5.6g

Ultimate Foam for G2 / Integra

50.00 ₪Price
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