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Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Kit V3

קיט דיגיטלי לרייסרים - קטן וקומפקטי

קיים מצב Racing Mode אשר משתמש בערוצים של המשדרים האנלוגיים ומאפשר טיסה משולבת עם אנלוגיים ללא הפרעות מיוחדות.

שימו לב לבדוק את החיבור של הצמת חשמל לבקר טיסה - לא תמיד הפלאג יהיה מותאם!


מצ"ב קישור לסקירה של בארדוול

Product Features:

FOV160°Metal case
1080P/60fps4:3 native sensor
Built-in 32G storage18.5g light-weight
Nano Camera 14*14mm 


Bullet Points:

  • The Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Kit V3 supports 1080P/60fps, with a 4:3 native sensor that provides smooth and stunning images. With this kit, you can capture flying footage with exceptional clarity and detail.
  • Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Kit V3 is suitable for more drones, with 3.1-13V voltage input and 500mw power output, you'll be able to fly various kinds of drones with amazing video quality and range.
  • Nano camera V3 with dimensions of 14*14mm and a weight of only 3g, equipped with a 2.1mm lens and 160° FOV, provides clearer and more realistic image quality.
  • The Avatar vtx comes with 32g built-in storage, it can record 1080p HD and interference-free flight footages without adding an extra SD card and an action camera, reducing the overall weight of the drones and extending the flight time, allowing you to experience a more comfortable flight while recording 1080 HD videos.
  • Canvas Mode:supporting Betaflight, kiss, Inav, Ardu full OSD display and customization, you'll be able to customize various OSD fonts, colors and patterns you like and easily adjust the parameters you want via remote control.


Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Kit V3

SKU: WN10-1014B
540.00 ₪ Regular Price
460.00 ₪Sale Price
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