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Walksnail Moonlight Kit

המתחרה הישיר של הDJI O3, בעלת יכולת צילום ב4K, הקלטה פנימית ויכולות צילום מדהימות בלילה

שימו לב לדיאגרמת חיבור - לא מתאים לכל פלאג בבקר טיסה באופן אוטומטי!


●4K/60FPS●Startlight Camera
●Built-in EIS●Support Gyroflow
●SD card●FOV 160°
●Dual Antennas●7.4V-25.2V


Bullet Points:

  • Supports 4K/60fps, ensuring that FPV embraces true 4K. Shooting stable and HD videos without unnecessary latency, bring pilots a smoother FPV experience.
  • Feature starlight sensor, to improve image quality and performance in low-light scene shooting, ensuring night vision shooting and eliminating frequent camera switching.
  • Built-in EIS and supports Gyroflow technology, taking you a smooth and stable video quality, to facilitate and enjoy freestyle fly.
  • Comes with silicone pads for mounting the camera, ensuring stability and minimizing camera shake for perfect captures.
  • Supports manual shutter and manual ISO settings, take perfect photos regardless of any lighting limits.
  • The moonlight camera has a 160° FOV, providing you with a more natural and real picture for the ultimate flying experience.
  • Come with ND8 filters to meet the needs of more different shooting scenes, to bring different effects to the shooting.

Walksnail Moonlight Kit

SKU: WN11-4K14B
850.00 ₪Price
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